10 gardening tips for November

If you’re wondering what to grow and what to do in the garden in November, check out this video of 10 tips from Eden Project gardener Catherine Cutler.

November's a good month to protect plants and leave out food for wildlife.

  1. November is the traditional time to plant deciduous trees and shrubs. Why not choose this month to plant trees together on a shared patch of land?
  2. Prune and/or train deciduous trees to keep them growing in the desired direction.
  3. Mulch bare vegetable areas to prevent winter rain from washing nutrients out of the soil. You should also mulch over dormant perennials to protect them from winter cold. You can the soil’s surface with many different types of mulch, including bark chippings, leaf mould, well-rotted farmyard manure or crushed shells. 
  4. Sow ‘green manure’, such as caliente mustard, as it will add nutrients to the soil and also keep weeds down.
  5. Lift tender bulbs and plant them inside before the frost catches them.
  6. Protect bigger tender plants in preparation for the winter; you can use fleece and straw.
  7. Dig out any remaining beetroots, potatoes or carrots before the frost gets them.
  8. Tidy up twigs, leaves and weeds but try not to over tidy! Dead seed heads and grasses add winter texture, look lovely in the frost and provide shelter for wintering insects.
  9. If you want to go a step further, try making a ‘wildlife hotel’ with the kids.
  10. Start planning for Christmas: collect dried seed heads and cones to decorate the house, and plant paper-whites for scented table centres. Watch our video on collecting foliage from hedgerows.

With thanks to Catherine Cutler.


November gardening tips

Time to wrap up the garden ahead of winter.