How to make vegetable lego

This vegetable game is a perfect activity for kids. It’s not only a good, low-cost craft activity for a rainy day, but getting them engaged with vegetables could even spark an interest in helping on the allotment or eating their greens.

Children making vegetable lego

To make vegetable lego all you need to do is watch our video on how to carve vegetables – a bit like they do in Thai restaurants for garnish, but a lot simpler. You can make anything you like, and in our video you’ll see snails, turtles, frogs, crocodiles, penguins and racing cars.

Because vegetable carving involves using a very fine, sharp knife, we’d advise an adult to do the cutting and then involve the kids in the assembling.

What you need

  • Fruit and vegetables such as hard green apples (such as Granny Smiths), radishes, carrots and cucumbers
  • A fine, sharp knife
  • A chopping board
  • Cocktail sticks

How to make a vegetable lego racing car

  1. Chop the cucumber in half and carve a slither off the bottom of the cucumber so that it sits flat on the chopping board. This is the body of your car.
  2. Next create the cockpit by carving a square out of the top. This is where the driver will sit.
  3. You might like to add a number to your car, carving it into the bonnet.
  4. To make the wheels, slice four rounds of carrots and stick them on each side using a cocktail stick that has been chopped into three.
  5. Add a hubcap to each carrot wheel, made out of the very tip of a radish.
  6. The driver, whose head peeks out of the cockpit, is made of a whole radish. You can carve a shallow figure of eight-type shape into the front, so he looks like he’s wearing white goggles. Place him into the cockpit using a cocktail stick.
  7. Stick two small batons of carrots to the back of the car, as the double exhaust pipe.

There you go – your very own vegetable lego racing car! And remember, if you make any mistakes, don’t worry; you simply get to eat them.


Vegetable lego

Make your own racing car with these instructions.