10 gardening tips for February

If you’re wondering what to grow and what to do in the garden in February, check out this video of 10 tips from Eden Project gardener Catherine Cutler.

It may still be cold outside, but February is a good month to prepare seeds and potatoes for planting – as well as enjoy spring flowers.

  1. If you haven’t got a greenhouse use a cold frame to get things growing in fluctuating spring temperatures. Or you could cut the top off large plastic water bottles and place them over the top of plants.
  2. While it’s still quiet in the garden take the opportunity to do any hard landscaping work.
  3. Plan ahead and order your tender summer bulbs, such as gladioli and dahlias
  4. Sprout seed potatoes in a cool, light place to develop healthy green shoots for planting from March onwards.
  5. Check out your local potato day – great for picking up top growing tips.
  6. If you intend to grow a few different vegetables draw up a simple seed sowing plan to keep you straight.
  7. Prepare beds for direct sowing or planting by mulching, weeding, feeding and raking.
  8. Cut back stems of herbaceous perennials (plants which come back each year) and compost.
  9. Rhubarb can be lifted and divided. There’s also still time to force plants for tender young stems.
  10. Go out and find some winter gems. Snowdrops and exquisite irises are at their best. Maybe February isn’t so bad after all…

With thanks to Catherine Cutler.

Use dried bramble twigs to stop cats digging in newly dug soil or seed beds. Just let them lay on the top of the soil.

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February gardening tips

Get preparing seeds and vegetables for the year ahead.